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Sporting Scion


Dave Sime, once considered "the world's fastest human" and a one-time SPORTS ILLUSTRATED coverman, died Jan. 12 of a heart attack at the age of 79. In 1956 he set a world indoor record in the 100-yard dash (9.50 seconds) as a premed student attending Duke on a baseball scholarship. After winning silver in the 100-meters at the 1960 Olympics, Sime (above, left) spawned an athletic dynasty: His daughter Lisa (FACES IN THE CROWD, March 17, 1986), was a soccer standout at Stanford, where she met her husband, former NFL wideout, Ed McCaffrey. Their son Christian, who once called his grandfather "the most interesting man in the world," was a Heisman-finalist running back at Stanford this season. "Winning can't be overemphasized," Sime told SI in 1956. "It's the most important thing in sports—as long as you also know how to lose."