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FOR MAY 23, 2016

I loved Lee Jenkins's article on Draymond Green (The Giant Killer), who has become the Warriors' emotional engine. The things he does to rattle an opponent may seem cocky, but there are no buddies on the basketball court. As Kobe Bryant said, Draymond is a rare breed.

Mark Brown, Biloxi, Miss.

Glorify the craziness about Green all you want, but I thought including the comment about his "posting a Snapchat video of himself driving 118 miles per hour" was irresponsible. Anything that further encourages illegal and reckless behavior behind the wheel, putting other drivers at risk, is just unnecessary in a profile.

Greg D. Rowe, Centreville, Va.

Emily Kaplan's story on new Redskins cornerback Josh Norman (Mr. Franchise) showed the very thin line between loyalty and business in professional sports. While Norman clearly wanted to stay in Carolina, you could tell he was slowly warming to the idea of being his own man. The fact that he was recognized in Washington for the first time, while in the bathroom of the National Museum of the American Indian, was a nice detail.

Gerald Kelley, Raleigh

Looking at what it would take to shatter records in other sports by 40%, as Stephen Curry did with three-pointers this season, I was astonished (SCORECARD)—it's hard to imagine 102 home runs in a season. But consider that in 1920, Babe Ruth broke that record (like Curry's, his own), going from 29 to 54, an increase of 86%.

Marty Post, Hobe Sound, Fla.


Your photography and art departments did a great job retrofitting old SI Indy 500 covers with current drivers (LEADING OFF). When I compared those with this week's Draymond Green cover—with its giant fonts, in-your-face quotes and plugs for your online entities—I realized exactly why those covers were, as you wrote, "iconic." Sometimes less is more.

Rob Lipsey

Brownsburg, Ind.



I have one add to Steve Rushin's column on the rights—or lack thereof—of the sports ticket holder: Holder agrees to a college football kickoff time of "TBA" and to remain on standby for Lord Television to announce said time at Lord Television's discretion, which may or may not be the same week of said game.

Dave Stevenson





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