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Two weeks after his contract was not renewed by Indiana, the 42-year-old coach signed a four-year, $22 million deal with Orlando, where the weather is warmer but the seat isn't quite as hot.

DAN PATRICK:Do you look back and say, "If I had only done this, I'd still be employed?"

FRANK VOGEL: I think if we had won Game 7 [against the Raptors in the first round], I'd probably still be with the Pacers. I liked our potential matchups against some of the other teams, but you really can't second-guess things like that. You do the best job that you can, and you let the chips fall where they may.

DP:Everybody wants to copy what the great teams are doing. Do you think you have to change your style of coaching because of Golden State's success?

FV: Your team's identity and style is predicated on the strengths and weaknesses on the roster. You can't go out and be Golden State when you don't have Golden State's personnel. That doesn't mean that you can't take some of the ways that they play—their quick-strike offense, how they space or their switching flexibility—and apply it to your team.

DP:Are management's expectations in Orlando a little lower than in Indiana?

FV: I don't know. I think the expectations are higher this coming season than they've been. I want them that way. I want our guys believing we're going to be a playoff team next year and that we're going to build something. I believe I can give that to this team.

DP:How did you sell [moving to] Orlando to your kids?

FV: I have daughters who are 10 and 12. They're very rooted in Indiana with a lot of friends. They're upset about having to leave. My thing is, if we have to leave Indiana where we were so happy, let's find a good place to continue my basketball journey and a good place for the family. And to have the world of Disney right around the corner is definitely appealing, plus the warm weather. I think they are going to love it.

DP:If you were coaching in the Finals, which team would you want to avoid, Golden State, Oklahoma City or Cleveland?

FV: Personally I'd avoid LeBron James. I haven't had a lot of success against him.

DP:Tougher to defend, Steph Curry or LeBron?

FV: It's a tie.

DP:Oh, c'mon, Coach.

FV: I don't have to pick sides. I have to play against both of those guys.

DP:But you face LeBron more than Curry.

FV: True, but the night I play Steph I don't want him to think about who I chose.



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