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FOR MAY 30, 2016

Lee Jenkins's phenomenal story (Thunder Road) left me speechless. As someone who's seen downtown grow over the past four years, I can honestly say Oklahoma City has never been written about in such an artful, classy, insightful way. The article conveys so much about OKC and why we love Kevin Durant (and why he loves us back).

Kaustubh Sagdeo, Oklahoma City

In reading Albert Chen's informative article on major league bullpens (Undiscovered Model), I think there is another reason to explain a reliever's radical improvement: whom he replaces. That starters lose effectiveness the third time through the order may have as much to do with the hitters making adjustments as it does with a hurler's fatigue. If a reliever has a different release point, spin rate and velocity from the pitcher he follows, he has a better chance of keeping batters off-balance.

Kevin Elkins

Ona, W.Va.

Katie Ledecky reaffirms what I have thought for a long time (Out of the Ordinary). The best—be it Steph Curry, Tim Duncan or Ledecky—are those who hunger deeply but show little expression. In their silence they emerge victorious, time after time.

Larry Allen Lyon, Cornelius, N.C.



In your article asking who's been paid the most to go away, all those named pale in comparison to Daniel (above) and Ozzie Silna. During the ABA--NBA merger in 1976, the Silnas (owners of the Spirits of St. Louis) negotiated a deal that would pay them, in perpetuity, for forgoing litigation. To date they have received more than $750 million from the four other ABA teams in the merger.

Joe Porto

Schererville, Ind.



Thanks to Michael Rosenberg for exploring the insatiable greed of owners for new stadiums. New Orleans is trying desperately to land the Super Bowl by 2020 because, after that, the Superdome will be considered antiquated—despite the hundreds of millions recently spent on modernizing it.

Larry LaBarrere

West Monroe, La.




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