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FOR JUNE 6, 2016

In Tom Verducci's story (Let It Flip), Jose Bautista said I, me or my 97 times. He used the word team four times. With that attitude Joey Bats should take up an individual sport. Maybe boxing—though I think now we all know how that would work out.

Rick Bueti, Old Lyme, Conn.

There have always been some players that celebrate more than others. Over time a Rickey Henderson is replaced by a Jose Bautista, and yet people continue to ask what we're going to do about it. A more interesting article would be why anyone thinks that showboating is something new.

Carl Allamanno, San Leandro, Calif.

Despite their stretches of futility (Remember the Pathetics), the Athletics still have more championships—five—than any pro sports team in Philadelphia. And they haven't played in the City of Brotherly Love since 1954.

Tom Wilk, Pitman, N.J.

Randall Cunningham is urging Vashti (Like Mother [and Father], Like Daughter) to become a pro jumper right out of high school saying, "College is [always] going to be there." But after a certain point most people find it difficult to find time for college. Jumping is neither a long nor lucrative career. Stay in school and compete as an amateur, Vashti.

Terry Griner, Spokane, Wash.



The troubles of Baylor's athletics program should come as no big surprise. The college sports world is driven more by greed and bragging rights than by the desire to develop amateur athletes—or even to educate them, which is the main purpose of our institutions of higher learning. Instead of proclaiming that they're "doing it the right way," schools should look more closely at what they're doing the wrong way.

Mike Atchley

Kingfisher, Okla.



I was surprised to read that Andrew Lawrence thinks NASCAR has "a woman problem," defined by what he perceives as its "poor track record of female participation." Perhaps he is unaware of Jennifer Jo Cobb, who not only has raced in the Truck Series for nine years but also has held the dual role of driver-team owner since 2010.

Rich Foley, Fayette, Ohio




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