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The Hornets' 23-year-old big man, fresh off averaging 7.5 points and 4.1 rebounds as a rookie, weighs an All-Star appearance versus a Game of Thrones cameo.

DAN PATRICK:Have you had to cover LeBron James?

FRANK KAMINSKY: I have a couple of times. The first time I did it [last November], I was really nervous. Then I got more comfortable.

DP:What was your strategy?

FK: I just tried to make him take jump shots. You can see how well he does when he's attacking the rim.

DP:How would you describe LeBron as an athlete?

FK: Some of the plays he made in Game 7 [of the Finals] just prove how much of a physical freak he is. That block in transition on [André] Iguodala [in the fourth quarter] was insane. And if he had made that dunk at the end of the game on Draymond [Green], that would have been one of the greatest dunks in NBA history. He proved how great a basketball player and athlete he was in that series.

DP:Were you more nervous about the end of Game 7 or Sunday night's Game of Thrones episode?

FK: I was much more amped for Game of Thrones. It wasn't even close.

DP:How big is Game of Thrones in the locker room?

FK: There's a handful of players that watch it. There's a lot of staff that watches it. I try to have as many conversations as I possibly can about it because I have so many theories that I like to point out. Then there's just some people who don't like the show at all. I call them stupid, because I think it's the best show of all time.

DP:Is there a character who is like LeBron?

FK: Probably Jon Snow. Jon Snow doesn't get the hate that LeBron does, but they're comparable.

DP:Both came back from the dead.

FK: That's true. For not being loved as much as the others [around them], they both proved themselves to be great.

DP:Is Steph Curry comparable to Khaleesi?

FK: I don't know. I love Khaleesi, but she hasn't really done much yet. Steph has accomplished a lot. That's a tough comparison.

DP:If I said you could either have a speaking role on Game of Thrones or make the All-Star Game ...

FK:[Long pause.] I don't know. That's tough.

DP:I think that sort of answers the question.

FK: No, I gotta go All-Star Game. But there will be plenty of years for me to make an All-Star team. Game of Thrones has an expiration date. It's probably in the next couple of years, so being on that show would be unbelievable.

DP:Even if your [character] dies?

FK: Even if I have only one line, get hit by an arrow and die, that would be fine with me. Even if it's just my face [on screen]. I'd even be an extra.



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