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FOR AUG. 22, 2016

World Premier


The 2016 Premier League season is in full swing, following a busy summer of spending by the league's top clubs in an attempt to dethrone last season's Cinderella, Leicester City. How will Manchester United look under new coach José Mourinho after signing midfielder Paul Pogba to a record $116 million deal? What impact will Pep Guardiola's legendary management style have on Manchester City? What can Leicester possibly do for an encore? Planet Fútbol has it all covered at with the answers to these questions and much more.


The Ties That Bind

Two former pro athletes—same sport, same position. Both had teenaged sons who died. Both suffered from severe depression. Both tried to kill themselves. In 1998, at 41, former Lions quarterback Eric Hipple(above) jumped out of a van going 70 mph on a freeway. In 2015, at 50, former Bears QB Erik Kramer bought a gun and shot himself. After each survived his suicide attempt, they arrived at the same conclusion: I guess I'm meant to still be alive. Go to to read L. Jon Wertheim's story about two quarterbacks whose similar travails led them to develop a deep friendship, which has helped them both to heal.


Digital Bonus

We Are All Witnesses

From the SI Vault | Aug. 25, 2008

Michael Phelps now belongs to history. For the rest of us the memories—and indelible images—of the Greatest Olympic Performance Ever won't be forgotten anytime soon

By Susan Casey

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