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FOR SEPT. 19, 2016

Andy Benoit's article on Rob Gronkowski and his underappreciated football intellect was fascinating (Rob Gronkowski, Football Mastermind). While I will continue to question the tight end's twerking abilities, I will never again doubt his acumen on the field.

Greg Collins, West Hartford, Conn.

Whether or not you agree with the way Colin Kaepernick has chosen to protest racial injustice, his right to do so cannot be denied. It is also impossible to deny the thoughtfulness of the column by Jared Odrick in support of that protest (POINT AFTER). As a white man I cannot possibly understand what it is like to be black in our society, but Odrick has brought me closer.

Tony Collins, Phoenixville, Pa.

I found the comments made by Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins (27)—"I'd rather be doing something in the community, talking to people who can actually make some change" (Message Sent)—infinitely more useful than the back-page column by Odrick. Why didn't you have Jenkins write the POINT AFTER?

Dennis Roberson, Fort Worth

You put Jimmy Garoppolo higher on a list of the game's most influential figures (SCORECARD) than Antonio Brown? There are other teams in the NFL besides the Patriots.

Paul Barile, Chicago


The irony is staggering: Peter King writes that "the football world is ridiculously overcovered" (EDITOR's LETTER) in an issue that features 100% football stories, published directly after two NFL preview issues (including one double issue). Am I the only reader who remembers the second s in SPORTS ILLUSTRATED?

Matthew T. McEvoy


I'm not usually a fan of single-topic issues, but this was a great read with tremendous insight into what goes on in the minds of NFL coaches and players every week. It reminded me of the One Day in Baseball issue from July 6, 1987.

Chris Orlando

Roselle Park, N.J.



In your article about tackling, a youth coach says, "Football is as safe a sport as I believe there is." Has he heard of golf, tennis, swimming, track? As long as there are coaches residing in this fantasy world, kids will end up in dangerous situations.

Philip Barnett

Scottsdale, Ariz.




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