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Jump Shots vs. Joysticks


What do 6'10" Ben Simmons and 5'8" Alex (Xpecial) Chu have in common? They're teammates. Sort of. The 76ers announced Monday that they've purchased Team Apex and Team Dignitas, which compete in e-sports games including League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. How do online games compare with the corporeal variety?

Prize pool at 2016 Players Championship:$10.5 MILLION

Prize pool at 2016 The International:$20.1 MILLION

Fantasy sports participants in 2015:57.4 MILLION

League of Legends players per month in 2016:100 MILLION

MLB fans 18--34:17%

E-sports fans 18--34:65%

2016 NBA Finals Game 7 (Caveliers-Warriors):31 MILLION

2015 League of Legends World Championship viewers:36 MILLION