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The 29-year-old former quarterback is back in the outfield for the first time since high school after signing a minor league contract with the Mets. And even if an NFL team were to call ...

DAN PATRICK:When did you start thinking seriously about playing baseball?

TIM TEBOW: It actually started a couple of years ago. [The love of baseball] never really left me. If I was speaking at different universities and they were hitting BP, I might go out there and hit. A couple of years ago I brought it up to some of my agents at CAA and they looked at me like, Well, a lot of athletes probably think they can do this, but you can't really. I just told the baseball agent, "Come take a look at me. If you think I can't do this, just tell me." [Last April] we flew to Florida and I had a little workout. He saw something he liked and we started to pursue it. In the middle of my fifth at bat, [then Eagles coach] Chip Kelly called. My brother handed me the phone. I had to make a tough choice: football or baseball. The Eagles' offense looked good so I thought I'd give that a shot. Obviously it didn't work out.

DP:Which hitter do you aspire to be?

TT: I've been blessed to work with Gary Sheffield. He was an awesome hitter. I have a wider approach and less bat movement than he did, but his smooth swing is [worth] emulating.

DP:When's the last time you got a call from an NFL team?

TT: I'm not sure. We still might get some calls about positions [other than quarterback].

DP:Did you ever consider playing another position?

TT: Not really. Honestly, for me it's always about pursuing what you love and you're passionate about. I love the game of football. But what I really love doing is playing the quarterback position. If I were going to make a change, I'd rather just make the change to baseball. I don't have to do what a lot of other people want me to do. I get to pursue what I want to do.

DP:How do you answer when people ask you why you're not in the NFL right now?

TT: I think you know my answer. Everything happened for a reason. I'm grateful for that. I'm truly excited about the Mets.

DP:Could you start with the Browns right now?

TT:[Laughs.] You always gotta throw a question like that in there.

DP:So what's your answer?

TT: I always believe in my talent. I haven't played that sport in a while. I feel like I could get back into it pretty quick.

DP:Oh, just say it. You could start for the Browns right now.

TT:[Laughs.] I appreciate your confidence in me.



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