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FOR SEPT. 26, 2016

S.L. Price has written a priceless piece about Aliquippa, Pa., a town stripped of glory (No Easy Way Out). I'll admit, I began reading, thinking, "Here we go—another pandering tribute to a town that claimed drugs and crime steered it toward its demise." But by the end my curmudgeonly views were softened—even lifted.

Paul Morrison, Canonsburg, Pa.

Your recent interview of Mike Tyson was repugnant. How dare you talk to a convicted rapist about fatherhood and how he keeps in shape? He wreaked unimaginable pain on an 18-year-old girl, and L. Jon Wertheim has the gall to ask Tyson if he had "empathy" when he was fighting? Are you kidding me?

Jon Peterson, Westfield, N.J.

I recently subscribed again to SI and was impressed by your coverage of the human dimensions of sports and athletes—including the pieces on Tyson and Swift, and especially the moving photographs from the Paralympics (LEADING OFF). Thank you for sharing with us these deeper looks.

Aamir A. Rehman

Princeton Junction, N.J.

Reading Chris Ballard's story on Robert Swift(Out from the Darkness) made me appreciate the NBA's 2005 eligibility rule, which requires players to take a gap year after high school. I can't help but think what could have been if Swift had matured before declaring for the draft.

Zack Ben-Ezra, Fort Lauderdale


Lamar Jackson is a phenomenal athlete with a promising career ahead of him (The New Superman). Louisville is a force because of him; without him, I don't think the Cardinals would even be able to win their own spring game.

Jon Johnson

Sidney, Ohio



Will Leitch, in his essay about Colin Kaepernick's protest, seems to have changed the narrative of the public's uproar, which isn't about the meaning behind Kaepernick's actions but rather his method of protesting racial injustice. America will never be perfect, but it still allows freedom of expression and opportunities for advancement by all its citizens. Tweets and shallow conversations do not do this subject justice, nor do they help advance solutions.

Carroll Player

Florence, S.C.




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