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FOR OCT. 3, 2016

When a legend like Arnold Palmer passes away, it's our tendency to exaggerate his impact on the sports world and beyond. Michael Bamberger skillfully avoided this trap (King Among Us), tapping into the Everyman attributes that made the golfing icon so beloved by so many. Thank you for an excellent read and fitting tribute.

Joe Carbonara, Chicago

With the losses of Muhammad Ali, Gordie Howe and now Palmer, the American sports fan has endured a tragic year in 2016. I hope today's athletes will reflect and ask themselves, "How can I conduct myself in a way that would make these men proud?"

Pat Patterson, Plano, Texas

Does anyone else find it ironic that David Ortiz would hardly be on anybody's radar if it weren't for the designated hitter in the American League? It's time for the National League to get off its high horse and institute the DH. The league will survive and even thrive with it.

Ben Phlegar, Charlotte, Mich.

The conversation with Ortiz (The Exit Interview) only confirmed we are in an election year. The way Big Papi danced around Tom Verducci's not-so-aggressive questions about the slugger's alleged PED use, it's clear we can't get a straight answer from anyone these days.

Harris Dupeaux, Santa Cruz, Calif.


I have been a faithful reader of SI for 40 years. Never have I put down an issue and been more impressed—and left so contemplative—than after reading Bamberger on the passing of Palmer and Verducci on the death of Jose Fernandez.

Rodney Blackmon




Bamberger's essay on the U.S. team's strategy for the 2016 Ryder Cup was insightful, but when mentioning the Americans' dominant early record, he should have noted that until 1979 they only faced players from Great Britain. Since that roster was expanded to include all of continental Europe, the playing field has been evened.

Dave Thomas





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