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The 31-year-old skier, four-time World Cup overall champ and author of a new book, Strong Is the New Beautiful, shares what she does when she's about to crash—and ponders a mountain free of snowboarders.

DAN PATRICK:You were born in [Saint Paul] Minnesota. Are you on the undefeated Vikings' bandwagon?

LINDSEY VONN: I'm a Broncos fan.

DP:How long have you rooted for the Broncos?

LV: I've lived in Colorado since I was 12.

DP:Were you a skier in Minnesota and then realized that you needed to relocate to a place where you could ski all the time?

LV: Yeah. I grew up skiing in Buck Hill, Minn. It's like 330 vertical feet. It's a little molehill.

DP:Is that like a bunny slope?

LV: Yeah, basically. [Laughs.] It's less than the bunny slope where I ski in Vail.

DP:If your friends who aren't skiers want to go on a ski vacation, what do you say?

LV: I don't have any friends who don't ski.

DP:Would you date a man who didn't ski?

LV: Of course. I hope I would have the patience to teach him.

DP:Can you ski casually?

LV: I ski with my brother for fun all of the time.

DP:Did you ever do the pizza [ski] move growing up?

LV: Dan, no one does the pizza unless they're really a beginner. Do you do the pizza?


LV: Do you do French fries too?

DP:Nope, I'm just the pizza guy. How much would it cost for you to give me a ski lesson?

LV: I don't know. I've never done that. I don't know if I could teach someone to do what I do. I lack patience.

DP:What's it like to go fast?

LV: If you're in a car going down the highway, stick your head out of the window. It's really fun.

DP:What was your worst injury?

LV: My second ACL [tear] and surgery [in 2014]. They almost had to remove my meniscus [in my right knee].

DP:Does it still impact you?

LV: My knee makes a lot of noises. It's kind of crunchy.

DP:What do you do when you can see an accident coming?

LV: You try to relax and not overcorrect.

DP:How do you do that at 80 miles per hour?

LV: If you see the fence coming, go limp. Because if you're tight, everything is gonna get ripped.

DP:Should there be different mountains for skiers and snowboarders?

LV: Maybe. There are places that only allow skiers. The problem is, snowboarders are difficult. They camp out and adjust their bindings. They're in the middle of the trail and their peripheral vision is terrible. It's really difficult to maneuver [around them]. I do like snowboarders, but it'd be super great if we could have a little separation.



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