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FOR OCT. 10, 2016

Kudos to Carli Lloyd for having the courage to go public with her struggle to become an independent young woman, as well as a top-level professional athlete (At Any Cost). This is a must-read for parents who live vicariously through their children. I hope one day Carli and her family can reconnect.

Steven P. Macomber, Whitinsville, Mass.

Early in the excerpt Lloyd recalls her trainer, James Galanis, telling her, "You make excuses and find people to blame. You always have a reason things aren't working out, instead of making them work out." It sounds as if she continues to do that off the field.

Stewart Hiatt, Kernersville, N.C.

The Ryder Cup showed that expressed emotion, both on the part of players and fans, makes for a more interesting event (LEADING OFF). The PGA Tour needs to move away from its staid, unemotional practices and allow for more fun.

Larry Siewart, Milwaukee

I appreciated Doug Baldwin's saying (SCORECARD), "I try to gain as much knowledge as I can and listen to people because I don't know what I don't know." That seems like a better approach than seeing a news clip and then fighting injustice by joining a protest, ambushing police and vandalizing a city.

Brian Hensley Roscommon, Mich.


What a great retro cover. Sadly, though, I found Tom Verducci's piece on the Cubs' Renaissance (Ghostbusters) filled with talk of Run Production Coordinators and shifting versus positioning anything but retro.

Karl Cicitto

West Suffield, Conn.



Reading about Sparks forward Nneka Ogwumike's impressive season, I thought she deserved to be on your cover. If it were a man with those outstanding stats, I'm certain he would be.

Emmanuel Segun

Livermore, Calif.



Wendel Clark's letter to Auston Matthews was wonderful. Though I'm a die-hard Rangers fan, I always enjoyed watching Clark play and hope Matthews heeds his advice.

Paul Alteri

Watertown, N.Y.




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