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Despite putting up his own big numbers—on the scoreboard and in the weight room—the 25-year-old quarterback, now in his third season in Oakland, is still mistaken for his older brother David.

DAN PATRICK:[Including the first five games of this season], you had 43 TD passes since the beginning of 2015—most in the league. That's impressive. How are you different now than in your rookie year?

DEREK CARR: Oh, man. C-Wood [former Raiders defensive back Charles Woodson] would always tell me, experience is the biggest thing in this league. All of the games I've played, the blitzes I've seen, the coverages. I just have so much more experience now, and that's what slows the game down and helps me.

DP:How would you describe your coach, Jack Del Rio?

DC: He's tough. He's gritty. He is very loyal to us. That's something we as players love. He empowers our whole offense.

DP:What's the confidence jolt like when he says, "Go for it" on fourth down?

DC: It's so funny because I am starting to think just like him. Late in the game against the Chargers [in Week 5], I was thinking he's gonna let us go for it [on fourth and short]. Sure enough, he waved off the kicker and I started to smile.

DP:How often are you referred to as your brother, [former NFL quarterback] David?

DC:[Laughs.] A lot. I don't think it will ever stop. That's O.K. I've learned to subtly correct people.

DP:Give me an example.

DC: Someone drove by the other day and stopped. He said, "David Carr?" I said, "No, I'm Derek, but that's O.K." He said, "Yeah, that's what I meant."

DP:So he wasn't disappointed?

DC: Oh, yeah, he was. He was looking for Raiders quarterback David Carr. He just had to realize that wasn't happening.

DP:Do you pick out the photos for your Twitter page?

DC: Yes.

DP:Did you go with [your arms and] the gun show on purpose?

DC: No, that definitely was not on purpose.

DP:C'mon, you're showing off the guns. You're looking like [Tim] Tebow.

DC: Yes. Everyone always gets on me about it. [Former defensive end] Justin Tuck played with David [with the Giants], and he used to say, "Your brother is more jacked than you." He would tell me that every time we were in the weight room. Well, now I'll show [Tuck] a picture like that to make him laugh.



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