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FOR NOV. 14, 2016

Kudos to Greg A. Bedard for his engaging article on offensive line play and Falcons center Alex Mack (Center Stage). While the five linemen make up nearly half the players on the field for offense, they only get about 1% of the attention. As the old saying goes, "Football is like church. Many attend, but few understand."

Paul McCarthy, Surfside Beach, S.C.

Your essay on Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson highlights something that's not talked about enough—most college athletes also happen to be extremely intelligent and motivated (SCORECARD). Earning a degree is not easy, especially when money is knocking on the door.

Michael Gerber

Granada Hills, Calif.

As someone on the autism spectrum, I was brought to tears reading L. Jon Wertheim and Stephanie Apstein's story. The autism community has rarely been covered in such an excellent manner, and I hope more magazines follow your lead.

Connor Samsky, Atlanta

Rafa Alvarez's back-page illustration (POINT AFTER) was special. But I thought one more Suffer Club icon deserved to be included: Jack Brickhouse, the voice of the Cubs from 1948 to '81. I'm sure Mr. Hey Hey! and Harry Caray tipped back a few cold ones together in the Hall of Fame in the Sky last month.

Roger Willis, Anthem, Ariz.


When it comes to writing about baseball, Tom Verducci is the GOAT. His coverage of the Cubs and their historic Game 7 victory (It Happened) was one for the ages.

Bill Moor

South Bend, Ind.

So, I was wondering ... um, does Theo Epstein know anything about football?

Glenn Frost




I can't believe you'd put the Bills ahead of the Browns in the NFL Misery Index. Cleveland has never even played in a Super Bowl. The Browns had the Drive and the Fumble, and their fans watched their team move to Baltimore in 1996, and they went without a team for three seasons. Since then, Cleveland has gone through two dozen quarterbacks and too many coaches to count. Yet, our misery isn't on a par with a team that went to four consecutive Super Bowls but lost?

Dennis Stafford, Massillon, Ohio




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