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The 45-year-old Hall of Fame defensive end and TV personality (Good Morning America and Fox NFL Sunday) would like nothing more than to sack one of today's young QBs and then let his biceps do the talking.

DAN PATRICK:How much do you weigh now?

MICHAEL STRAHAN: Two-forty-five or 248 [pounds].

DP:What was your max when you played?

MS: Two-eighty-something. When I came in as a rookie [in 1993], I was like 250-something and [the Giants' coaches] said, "You gotta put on weight." But they don't tell you to eat right. They just say, "Put on weight." So I was eating every fast food out there. It was like a passport for all food. I was like 285, and I felt like an engorged tick.

DP:Did you get fined if you were overweight?

MS: Yeah, like $300 a pound. Even if you were 250 pounds and two ounces, you still got fined 300 bucks because those two ounces meant a pound.

DP:Was this all Tom Coughlin?

MS: Yeah. He was a very forgiving coach. [Laughs.]

DP:But looking back, did he make you better?

MS: After I had my first meeting with him, I said to myself, I'm doing one year with this guy. I'll never play for him again. I can't! After I retired [in 2007], I thought if I ever had to go back and do it all over again, I could only play for him.

DP:Did you leave at the right time?

MS: Absolutely. I played 15 years. So many people come up to me and ask, "Why did you quit so early?" Again, 15 years! I didn't realize I played that long until I looked at Howie [Long] and Terry [Bradshaw]. They were like, "I played 13 years or I played 12 years." That's when I said, "Why was I dumb enough to stick around for 15?"

DP:Would you put up with [Giants wide receiver] Odell Beckham's celebrations?

MS: Some of them. It's like, O.K., you kissed the net once. You're good. But don't marry it the next time. Don't have a baby with it and keep the gimmick going. And then you take your helmet off, and it penalizes the team. I understand you're excited, and we're excited for you. But you have to do something in the context of the team, versus "Look at me!"

DP:Did you ever dance [in celebration]?

MS: No, I used to flex. If I got a sack, I used to flex on them. I kept it pretty simple.

DP:Did anyone yell at you for flexing?

MS: No, because if they did, I would sack their quarterback again.

DP:Who did you not sack that you wish you had?

MS: More than that, I would love to sack some of these young guys. I would love to have tried to go after Cam [Newton] or Dak [Prescott].

DP:Cam's bigger than you.

MS: Everybody was bigger than me, but when I put on those pads I was the biggest, baddest s.o.b. on the planet.


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