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FOR NOV. 21--28, 2016

Two years ago I bought a single ticket for section 105, row 1, at Oakland's stadium to watch my Broncos play the Raiders. Wearing my orange and blue, I was prepared for the worst, and I did receive my fair share of ribbing, but in the end I was surrounded by great people and die-hard football fans. I have a lot of respect for the Black Hole (Fade to Black?). I hope the team stays in Oakland for Raider Nation's sake.

Cody Smart, Philomath, Ore.

After reading your great look at Football in America, I was disheartened by the amount of denial that exists in its fans and the continued message that football "makes boys into men." What makes a man is parenting, positive role models and the desire to be one—not being screamed at by some NFL wannabe.

Lonnie Burstein, Santa Monica, Calif.

I can't imagine that SI has ever published a more perceptive editorial than Tim Layden's essay (Scorecard) on how little we Americans know about each other.

Nelson French, Columbus, Ohio

I appreciated the brilliant perspective from Pierre Garçon on his background and, more important, his work with his countrymen back in Haiti (SCORECARD). These are the great stories and examples of our NFL stars that we should celebrate.

Rick Yu, Westport, Conn.


Reading about David Ross and his relationship with his younger Cubs teammates was awesome, but the part of Tom Verducci's article that had me choked up was the story of former Illinois State representative John Matijevich, who stayed up late to see the team win (C of Joy). Tears fell down my face as I read this powerful and beautifully written story.

Richard George

Rockaway Park, N.Y.

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Thank you, Michael Rosenberg, for articulating what the rest of the baseball world feels and fears. I cheered for the Cubs but did so with reservations based on what the Boston faithful have become since their World Series drought ended in 2004. Red Sox fans have become insufferable. Take it from a Phillies supporter: Enjoy the mountaintop, but remember you will have to encounter everyone on the way back down.

Brad Sokol

Wayne, Pa.




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