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FOR DEC. 5, 2016

The look of exasperation on Terrell Pryor's face is the perfect expression for the Browns during their 0--12 start (LEADING OFF). Deflategate has a different meaning in Northeast Ohio.

John Deushane, Alpharetta, Ga.

Chris Ballard's piece on Sam Hinkie(After the Process) is why I still subscribe to SI even given the many media options available these days. Life indeed constantly presents learning opportunities, and Ballard's article was one of them.

Art Anderson, San Ramon, Calif.

Kudos to Jack Dickey on his excellent case for eliminating Thursday-night NFL games (SCORECARD). One of the few things worse than the subpar product is listening to league officials blather on about their concern for safety while they force players back on the field without sufficient rest.

Rick Nerwin, Arlington, Va.

When I was president of the International Softball Federation, I met Fidel Castro before he threw out the first pitch at the 1991 Pan American Games in Santiago, Cuba (SCORECARD). I gave him the ball and suggested he throw underhand, but he said, "I am presidente, and I throw overhand." In 2004, I made the same suggestion to President George H.W. Bush at the Athens Olympics. He complied. Such is the difference between autocratic and democratic rulers.

Don Porter, Oklahoma City


Dwayne Johnson played a few downs for the U (Almighty Baller), and he may be a decent actor, but SI is not an entertainment magazine. A Formula 1 champion and several college football teams deserved the cover more than the Rock.

Marvin Chosky

Ravena, N.Y.



It was telling that John Calipari didn't mention education among the important things his players get from college. I can't decide if he has sold out or if he's a realist who sees that some schools are just no-cost D-League teams for the NBA.

Larry Brickner

Las Vegas



Verne Lundquist's soulful voice was synonymous with SEC football. His retirement marks the end of a distinguished chapter in American sports broadcasting history.

William McCarthy

Stockton, Calif.




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