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At 28, the Lions' leading receiver wants to enjoy life more before he has children—Golden Tate IV, anyone?—which is fine by his fiancée, who also happens to be his agent.

DAN PATRICK:Do a lot of people ask you about your name?

GOLDEN TATE: Here and there. I often joke that someone was drunk when they named me. [Laughs.] But I'm actually a III. There are two others before me.

DP:Do you have brothers or sisters?

GT: I have a set of twin sisters [Breanna and Deanna] who [run track] at Ole Miss and a younger brother [Wesley] who played running back at Vanderbilt [from 2009 to '13]. None of them are named Silver, Copper or Platinum.

DP:Will you have a Golden Tate IV?

GT: I'm so far away from having kids right now I haven't really thought about it. I can't imagine I'll have a IV. We'll talk about it once I get married.

DP:Is Matthew Stafford funny in the huddle?

GT: Um....

DP:I guess that's a no.

GT: Not in the huddle. But on the sideline, if we're up, he'll crack a joke. In the huddle, everything happens so quickly.

DP:There are bro quarterbacks, and there are nerd quarterbacks. Stafford is the ultimate bro quarterback, right? Hat backward, cargo shorts and a draft beer.

GT: Oh, yeah. He's definitely a bro quarterback. That's what I love about him. He's also got a lot of swag when it comes to dressing. You should see what he wears on the plane. A lot of these quarterbacks dress like they're running for president.

DP:Are you saying he dresses as well as Brady?

GT: I don't really pay attention to what Tom Brady wears. Where are you going with that?

DP:I'm saying he's clean.

GT: Yeah? Well, Stafford does not wear Ugg boots [like Brady], I'll tell you that.

DP:Did you know that through your first 44 games with the Lions you have more catches [254] than any player in franchise history?

GT: No way.

DP:Yep. Tell your agent.

GT:[Laughs.] My new agent is my fiancée [Elise Pollard]. I came home yesterday and she was taking notes on how many times I touch the ball and how many times I'm thrown the ball.

DP:She's getting more than 10%?

GT: Absolutely. Keep it in the family.

DP:Does she know you don't want to have kids for a while?

GT: Yeah. We want to enjoy life before we have kids.

DP:I'm thinking Stafford Tate if you have a boy. You'll probably get a lot of throws coming your way then.

GT:[Laughs.] No promises, but it is catchy.



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