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Hello Again


Jerry Maguire turns 20

WRITER-DIRECTOR Cameron Crowe's tale of an agent who grows a conscience is being rereleased on Blue Ray (Jan. 3, Sony Home Entertainment) with extras to commemorate its 20th anniversary. The film gave us "Show me the money" and the movie debut of Jay Mohr, who played "oily" rival rep Bob Sugar. When Mohr took some time to look back (read the full interview at, he had us at "Hey, how's it going?"

How did you get the role of Bob Sugar?

JM: I first auditioned to be Kush, the star quarterback, and I was atrocious. So [producer] Jim Brooks said, "Why don't you read for the nanny." So I did that, and when I was done there was this long silence, and Brooks said, "What about Sugar?"

What was the key to playing an agent?

JM: In the script Cameron used one word to describe Sugar, unctuous. So I looked it up, and it's the only word you can look up and still not really know what it means. Oily? What?

Did Crowe tell you the character was based on Drew Rosenhaus?

JM: He sent me a video of Drew. I watched it, but I didn't want to do an impression of him. I thought Sugar was more interesting, more layered. Funny story, I was doing stand-up at the University of Miami, and Drew came to the show, and he was wearing a bright orange vest with AGENT in big letters across the back. I guess he didn't want anyone to say they didn't realize who he was and commit some sort of violation.

After Jerry Maguire you made Picture Perfect, so what was more satisfying, firing Tom Cruise or kissing Jennifer Aniston?

JM: Firing Tom Cruise. There were a few weeks of overlap in filming, and I was going back and forth. On Jerry Maguire the crew was so awesome and everyone was so nice. On the other set, not so much. Plus, Tom Cruise is hotter.



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