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FOR JAN. 9, 2017


In the Cards

The NFL playoff picture is set, and's experts are breaking down every wild-card matchup. How will the Giants' opportunistic secondary match up against red-hot Aaron Rodgers? How deeply have the Seahawks changed since contending for the Super Bowl three years ago? And what does history say about the chances of success for backup QBs Matt Moore, Tom Savage and Connor Cook? Chris Burke has a comprehensive preview covering all that and more at And to watch SI's playoff preview show Countdown to Houston, in partnership with Fox Sports—which will culminate in three live shows from radio row during Super Bowl week with commentary from SI and Fox analysts, guests and NFL players—head to


Digital Bonus

Rocket Launchfrom


New coach Mike D'Antoni has turned James Harden and the Rockets into the NBA's biggest comeback story

At this point a year ago, in its frustrating 2015--16 season, Houston was a disappointing 16--18. Now? It's one of the best teams in the league, at 26--9, just 3½ games out of first place in the Western Conference, and Harden (far left) is an MVP contender. What changed?

By Rob Mahoney

Elsewhere on the site, Lee Jenkins has the inside scoop on Miami Heat shooting coach Rob Fodor.

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