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FOR JAN. 16, 2017

The day after the Chargers announced they would move to Los Angeles, I read Jack Dickey's case for stiff-arming public funding for stadiums (SCORECARD). As we in San Diego just found out, and as the people of St. Louis learned before us, what's truly important to NFL owners is not the fans but the almighty dollar.

Roy Funk, San Diego

I was very interested to read L. Jon Wertheim's story on Amar'e Stoudemire closing out his career in Israel but was sorry to see it spanned only three pages (Fresh Start in the Old City). SI missed out on a great opportunity to shed more light on his new team, his adopted homeland and what he thinks a future after basketball holds for him.

Grant Stewart, Dunn Loring, Va.

In Charles P. Pierce's piece about streaks and the UConn women's basketball team (SCORECARD), I thought it would have been nice to mention the incredible run of Edwin Moses, who won 122 consecutive 400-meter hurdles races—unbeaten for almost a decade.

James Burnes, Clifton Park, N.Y.


I don't know if it was his intent, but Brian Hamilton highlighted the misplaced priorities of schools toward bigtime sports (Learning to Fly). Volleyball pits, a two-lane bowling alley, a virtual reality room and a 33-foot slide—for a football team? At a time when tuition is so expensive and students are sinking into debt, shame on Clemson.

John DiRicco

Verona, Pa.



Steve Rushin's latest column on the sports world's top secrets once again demonstrated his immense knowledge and cutting-edge humor. When I receive my copy of SI, I turn to the last page, hoping to see Rushin's face. Humor is so needed in our world today.

Cliff Collins, Jr.

Ocoee, Fla.


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