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FOR JAN. 23, 2017

It's all there in the details of Greg Nelson's photograph of the moment after Packers kicker Mason Crosby strikes the ball (LEADING OFF). Scanning the fans in the stands—cheering, jeering and prayerful—I stopped when I saw the back of one head, a man who just couldn't bear to watch at all. Priceless.

Chuck We, Vancouver

The Department of Defense is pursuing a fool's game if it thinks that minimizing active-duty commitments of service-academy football players has any marketing value (Patriot Games). I would bet even the most avid fans can't name more than three academy alums who have enjoyed lasting NFL careers over the past 10 years following abbreviated active-duty tours. But most important, the strategy would diminish the ethos of selfless service that underpins the academies.

Tom Slear, Annapolis, Md.

When St. Louis and San Diego refused to cave on stadium deals, Will Leitch wrote (SCORECARD) that "their teams decided to decamp." Forgive my persnicketiness, but the teams did nothing of the sort. Those were the actions of a couple of gluttonous businessmen. The word team implies camaraderie and loyalty, neither of which is evident in the actions of these owners.

Matt Turnbull, Watertown, Mass.


Tim Layden's story about Tom Brady and his receivers (All About Connections) reminded me of the first pass he threw in college, 20 years ago. As a redshirt freshman at Michigan, Brady entered a game against UCLA and dumped a short pass that linebacker Phillip Ward picked off and ran back 45 yards for a touchdown. Brady has certainly minimized that type of connection ever since.

Dave Beck

Hoboken, N.J.



I would remind Michael Rosenberg, who discussed the difficulty of winning repeat championships, of Hendricks Motorsports' five straight NASCAR titles, from 2006 to '10. Jimmie Johnson is surely a Hall of Fame driver, but he also depended on a well-oiled team.

James S. Bus

Midland, Mich.


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