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FOR JAN. 30, 2017

SI cannot be faster than radio, television or the Internet, but what you do is provide outstanding journalism. Emily Kaplan's story on Erin Andrews (The Pain You Can't See) is why I have continued to subscribe since the 1960s.

Bill Collins, Petoskey, Mich.

While your article tries to insulate itself from skepticism of all sex trafficking, SI should have reasonably expected that it would have that exact effect on readers. Basing doubt about spikes in trafficking at Super Bowls on a lack of empirical data demonstrates a shallow understanding of the issue. Sex traffickers don't have a clearinghouse to which they report their data. Instead the public has the testimony of scores of survivors who point to major sporting events as flash points for increased demand.

Steve Steinberg, Warrenton, Va.

While your article was a well-developed piece, it was rather disingenuous to write about and its role in sex trafficking, then quote The Village Voice as an "early skeptic" of the "Super Bowl Prostitution Hoax" without mentioning that was founded by New Times Media, then the Voice's parent company.

Dovi Goldberg

Far Rockaway, N.Y.

How pathetic for SI to make a jerk like Pat Perez seem worthwhile (Loud and Clear). He has always been a carbuncle on the PGA Tour's image. I am surprised that an outstanding writer like Alan Shipnuck would glorify such an inconsiderate, self-centered jackass.

Bill Sanders, Gold River, Calif.



Congratulations to Michael Bamberger for illustrating, in just a few anecdotes, several of Donald Trump's major flaws: a disregard for rules (steroids in baseball), an embattled relationship with the truth (his golf score) and his penchant for cajoling journalists to exaggerate his performance. It seems the old saying is true: You can learn a lot about a person through golf.

Ralph McKee

Ann Arbor, Mich.

While Bamberger's article was hardly a ringing endorsement of President Trump, it did not surprise me that you still felt the need to "balance" it with the perspective of Spurs coach Gregg Popovich. I wonder if you ever felt the need to "balance" your fawning reporting of President Obama over the last eight years. I suspect not.

Monroe Henderson

Chesapeake, Va.




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