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Their roles may not be large, but their contributions are

FOR TWO DECADES SI has been shining a light on players who might be unheralded but are critical to their team's success. The captain of this year's all-glue team is 6'9" Oregon junior forward Jordan Bell. He's the fifth-leading scorer (10.7 points) for the Ducks but was the only player to rank in the Pac-12's top 10 in steals (1.32), blocks (2.12) and rebounds (8.1), and he's a leading candidate for national defensive player of the year. "He has great energy, he's tough as nails, and he's as good a rim protector as there is in the country," says former USC coach Kevin O'Neill. "And he knows his role. I can guarantee you that he cares more about winning than individual stats, which is hard to find." The rest of the squad—Kansas senior center Landen Lucas, Purdue junior guard Dakota Mathias, SMU senior forward Ben Moore, West Virginia senior forward Nathan Adrian and Kentucky sophomore guard Isaiah Briscoe—is cut from the same cloth.

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