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FOR MARCH 6, 2017

I'm not sure what I find more unbelievable: the size of 6'9", 396-pound Daniel Faalele (Think Big) or the $75,200 annual tuition charged by IMG Academy.

Larry Pesch, Wauwatosa, Wis.

There is science behind the underhanded free throw, and Canyon Barry sounds like just the man to do the calculations (The Common Touch). Using that technique, the ball reaches the basket with just enough energy to clear the front of the rim. If it isn't a clean make, the shot is so soft that it often finds its way into the hoop anyway. I suspect if Barry would prove this mathmatically as well as he does practically, more players and coaches would be converted.

George H. Phillips, Loveland, Colo.

Merely tweaking tests at the NFL combine won't do much (The Unaware Olympics). There are aspects of being a successful pro that cannot be physically measured, such as heart and desire. Who knows—maybe even Ryan Leaf and Johnny Manziel would have done better on different teams or with different coaches.

Laurence Siegel, Manteno, Ill.


After learning that James Harden signed a $200 million shoe contract, I went on to read his comment (A Simple Plan), "What shoes am I wearing? Who cares?" I can't help but wonder if Adidas feels like its money was well spent.

Kerry Walsh

Clinton, Ind.



Enough complaining about baseball's pace. Every year I go to five Reds games with three other retired teachers. We drive 90 miles each way and sit in $37 box seats. Why would we want the game to go quickly? The only people who want the game sped up are those who have to be there, like sportswriters.

John Lewis IV

Seymour, Ind.

Here's a quick fix for shortening games: Require relievers to pitch immediately to batters when coming in during the middle of an inning. What other sport allows practice on the field of play for a substitute entering the game?

John Cooper

Baltimore, Ohio




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