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The two-time reigning MVP goes far off-court, addressing high school fisticuffs, high-end eating, a TV-inspired alias and ... Matt Barnes as a spider?

MAGGIE GRAY:You were sitting on the bench on March 11 in San Antonio—so fans could heckle you and you couldn't go anywhere. What's the funniest thing a fan has ever said to you to take you off your game?

STEPH CURRY: Probably sending their five-year-old kid to ask my daughter out on a date.

MG:That's just weird.

SC: Yeah. Talk about throwing me off my game.

MG:You shouldn't have to worry about Riley dating for at least another 10 years, right?

SC: Exactly.

MATT DOLLINGER:Is there a player in the NBA who talks the most trash to you consistently?

SC: Nate Robinson, when he was in the league. His material was unbelievable. His voice was high-pitched, like he was yelling every time he talked. So he was hilarious whether he was talking at me or, when he was on my team, talking to the other team.

MD:You have a new teammate who's known for talking a little bit, Matt Barnes. We're going to get this interview completely strange: Would you rather fight one Matt Barnes--sized spider or 100 spider-sized Matt Barnes?

SC: It's a tough question, but I have to stick with one [Matt Barnes--sized spider]. One-on-one, I like my chances.

MG:Barnes has thrown a few haymakers in his day. When was the last time you threw a punch?

SC: Probably my senior year in high school.

MG:And did it land?

SC: It did. But I was retaliating.... So it was—like they say—a "you should see the other guy" type of situation.

MG:Steph, when was the last time you got ID'd?

SC: Last night, actually. I was trying to get a nice glass of wine at dinner. The waiter asked for [my wife] Ayesha's ID, so I guess I was a charity case at that point.

MD:You're one of the most recognizable people in the world. When's the last time you had to pull the "Hey, I'm Steph Curry" card? Because that's a good card to pull.

SC: I don't pull it often. I won't divulge the name, but [the last time I did that] I was trying to get a reservation at a very, very nice restaurant I saw on Chef's Table on Netflix.

MG:Did the Steph Curry card work?

SC: It worked.

MG:When you go out, is there a disguise you have to wear? Do you put on a hat and glasses?

SC: That's always been a question: Do the sunglasses and hat draw more attention? "Who's the weird guy wearing both?" I might take a page out of [Cristiano] Ronaldo's book. I know he's doing the disguise thing. I might have to try it.

MG:What about an alias at hotels or restaurants? What's an alias you have used in the past?

SC: If I tell you, I'm going to have to change it, because I've kept the same alias since my rookie year. I love it so much.

MG:Can you give us a hint? Is it a real person? A cartoon character?

SC: It's from the show Entourage. I'll leave it at that.

MD:When was the last time you read your Twitter mentions?

SC: About seven minutes ago. I [read them] every once in a while. I try not to get too deep, but I have to see what they're saying.

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"I've kept the same alias since my rookie year. I love it so much."