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List Serve

A new book called The Sports Bucket List 101, by SI vets Rob Fleder and Steve Hoffman, attempts to answer a timeless bar debate: What are the top 101 sports experiences? The oversized book, as eye-catching as it is intriguing, recommends places (Hinkle Fieldhouse), events (the Kentucky Derby) and people (LeBron James in his prime), and ranges from the exotic (elephant polo) to the expected (Duke-Carolina at Cameron). Here, the authors share the selections that most suprised them.

+ Who'd a Thunk This Was So Cool?

The 17th at the Phoenix Open The Roman Colosseum brought to golf.

The NCAA Lacrosse Final Four Rivalry and intensity minus the bloat.

Field of Dreams, Iowa They built it. You should go.

The America's Cup 50-mph flying sailboats.

The Travers Stakes at Saratoga Go to the track—and back in time.

Halftime at Florida A&M The band is the best team on the field.

Mount Everest Base Camp Close to climbing Sagarmatha, but not.

The Westminster Dog Show It's all about the backstage access.

The Empire State Building Run-up 86 floors in about 10 minutes.

Hershey Arena Where Wilt hit the century mark.