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FOR MAY 8, 2017

Thinking Ahead

With the 2017 NFL draft in the rearview mirror, it's already time to start speculating about the names Roger Goodell will call next year, when quarterbacks like UCLA's Josh Rosen(left) and USC's Sam Darnold(right) as well as LSU edge rusher Arden Key are expected to top the list. Which college standouts will be targeted at the start of round 1? And which NFL bottom-feeders will be jockeying for position? Go to this week to read Chris Burke's 2018 mock draft and find out which QB he projects to go No. 1.


The M|M|Q|B

24 Hours ...with Myles Garrett

This year's No. 1 pick has been on the NFL's radar since his first appearance for Texas A&M in 2014. Last week he joined the long (and often disappointing) list of Browns No. 1 draft picks who have been tasked with reviving a downtrodden franchise. Can Garrett (left) anchor Cleveland's defense for years to come? Is he ready to face the pressure awaiting him? We dispatched a camera crew to spend draft day with Garrett and see how he's handling all the hoopla. Check it out at


A murdered high school football star. A divisive presidential election. A heartbroken father resented by his L.A. neighbors for supporting a candidate—now the President of the United States—who opposes immigration. No one was watching Donald Trump's first 100 days more closely than Jamiel Shaw Sr., whose teenage son, Jamiel Jr., was killed by an undocumented Mexican-born gang member in 2008.'s Michael McKnight details how Shaw Sr. got where he is.