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FOR MAY 1, 2017

I wanted to note an error made in your surprising sports bucket list items (SCORECARD). The Stadium Hole is the 16th at TPC Scottsdale—not the 17th. I would hate for somebody to come to the Phoenix Open and leave wondering what all the noise was about on the neighboring hole.

Bill Black, Anthem, Ariz.

I was disappointed to read another article bashing Philadelphia sports fans (SCORECARD). There are unruly supporters in every city, and yet sports journalists always circle back to stereotype Philly's fans. The city has a long tradition of successfully hosting many sporting events, including the Penn Relays and this year's NFL draft. So please, give it a rest with the Philadelphia jokes.

Monica Moran, Abington, Pa.

Michael Rosenberg's story about Aaron and D.J. Hernandez (Brother to Brother) was moving. Often when an athlete gets into legal trouble, most of us react with an eye roll and a comment about the perils of sudden wealth. I hope D.J.'s story reminds us all that it's not just the athlete's and victims' lives that are affected.

Dave Franks, Springdale, Ark.


When I read Lee Jenkins's profile of this baseball phenom(Hunter Greene Is Exactly What Baseball Needs), I immediately checked the date on the cover—no, it wasn't April 1. I looked for a combat boot—none visible. So then I thought, Son of a Sidd Finch (SI, April 1, 1985), could this kid be real?

Mark Rivkin

Decatur, Ga.

I am afraid that the article on Greene has given a generation of Little League parents every reason to believe that college and major league scouts are checking out their eight- and nine-year-olds. No doubt, some have already set out to have their kids hit 90 on the radar gun before they turn 10. I hope Hunter enjoys a long and fruitful career. But I also hope that in the future SI is careful to balance the story of a teenager's incredible potential against the tenuous nature of athletic achievement.

Michael Doumitt

Woodbridge, Va.




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