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FOR MAY 15, 2017

Fresh Faces

Major league baseball has seen iconic players (Derek Jeter, David Ortiz) retire in recent years—but that has allowed new stars to emerge. Fans of nearly every team now have a superstar under 30 to cheer for. Who is the face of each franchise now? Some are obvious: the Angels' Mike Trout, the Nationals' Bryce Harper and the Orioles' Manny Machado. The Dodgers aren't the Dodgers without Clayton Kershaw. But with other clubs, the choice is not so clear. Who has taken over for Jeter as the face of the Baby Bombers? And how can you pick only one player for the world champion Cubs? Jay Jaffe goes club by club and selects each team's biggest young star at


Wounded Warrior

Steve Kerr gets a lot of well-deserved credit as commander of the Warriors' juggernaut, but a series of back problems and procedures has forced him to be away from his team for significant chunks of time. Kerr missed a large portion of the 2015--16 season, and he's now out indefinitely. Yet Golden State keeps chugging along, dispatching playoff foes with ease en route to the Western Conference finals. How do they do it, without their head coach? At, SI's experts weigh in on the Warriors' continued success—even in Kerr's absence.

First Forecast

Yes, we're still four months away from the start of the NFL season, but it's never too early to make some picks. There's the obvious (Tom Brady and the Patriots will win the AFC East) and the not-so-obvious (the Titans and the Bucs will make the playoffs). Go to to see what Jonathan Jones predicts for your team.