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FOR MAY 8, 2017

Thank you for telling the beautiful and bittersweet story of Kyle Schwarber and Stan Zielinski (The Slugger & the Scout). While many writers trip over themselves to describe Schwarber as a larger-than-life hero, Ben Reiter hit the nail on the head by highlighting Schwarber's loyalty to his hometown and to his club. And when a baseball guru like Theo Epstein listens to a scout religiously, you know how important he is. If I never see another Cubs championship, I am happy knowing that Zielinski was there last fall.

Thomas J. Lukowicz, Meriden, Conn.

With all due respect to Dodgers shortstop Corey Seager, placing him ahead of the Indians' Francisco Lindor on your All-25-and-Under team is absurd. Didn't you watch the 2016 World Series?

Chris Lutjen, Aurora, Ohio

After seeing the item touting Michael McKnight's online feature on Jamiel Shaw (, I read it and felt for Jamiel Shaw Sr., whose son was killed by a gang member who was in the country illegally. But I have to point out that the President does not oppose immigration, as the item in the magazine states. He opposes illegal immigration.

Dave Van Handel, Westminster, Colo.


Reading Austin Murphy's remarkable story on Jeff Glasbrenner's summit of Everest (Peak Performer), I was brought to tears thinking about the torment Glasbrenner's father must have felt following the accident that took his son's right leg. I hope that Jeff, by accomplishing so many feats, was able to relieve his dad from the burden he carried. What an amazing example of true grit.

Lauren Safian

Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.

Most stories about Everest—like SI's—leave out all the help from locals who slog up the mountain, burdened by the tents, clothing, food and everything else the supposed expert climbers need to get to the summit. These Nepalese climbers, exploited by expedition companies, often give up their lives in the process. Heroic climbers? Perhaps. Heroic Sherpas? You bet.

Joyce Tracksler

Kittery Point, Maine

The May 8 cover photo was credited improperly. The photo was taken by Conan Bliss/Madison Mountaineering/Courtesy Endemol Shine Beyond USA. SI regrets the error.




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