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FOR MAY 29, 2017

Rank And File

With the NFL draft and free agency in the books, we finally have a clearer picture of the 2017 season. In a special two-part version of his weekly Monday Morning Quarterback column, Peter King breaks down where each franchise ranks heading into the fall. What borderline playoff teams from '16 improved enough this spring to become real contenders? Who's heading for a fall? Have division rivals done enough to challenge favorites like Aaron Rodgers's Packers, Le'Veon Bell's Steelers and the ever-dominant Patriots? To find out where your team ranks, go to


Yip Yip Hooray

From time to time, baseball players suffer from a dreaded ailment that few want to discuss—or even think about: the yips. For Cubs ace Jon Lester, that meant an inability to throw to first base, affecting his fielding and pickoff move, usually a lefthanded pitcher's ace in the hole. SI's Stephanie Apstein details how Lester overcame the yips, and has even improved his performance since word of the problem got out. To read the story and watch an original animated video dramatizing Lester's battle with "the thing," go to

Class Crowns

The NBA draft lottery is set, with Washington guard Markelle Fultz expected to be plucked by the Celtics at No. 1 and UCLA guard Lonzo Ball by the Lakers at No. 2. But this draft runs deep with All-Star-level talent, like Duke's Jayson Tatum and Kentucky's De'Aaron Fox. Andrew Sharp breaks down the 30 best prospects at