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FOR MAY 15--22, 2017

When Tim Tebow is described as "one of sports' most polarizing figures," it is disheartening (Tim Tebow Believes, Do You?). Are we really at a point where such a good, generous, selfless person rubs people the wrong way? Instead of examining Tebow to find what's wrong with him, perhaps we should look at him to better understand what's wrong with us.

Scott Suhr, Marietta, Ga.

I am not a fan of the Gators, Broncos, Jets or Mets. I am not a fan of public displays of faith. I am not even a Christian. But I am a fan of Tebow. He's handled adversity (and success) with grace, dignity and humor. He's comported himself in a way that any father can tell his young son, "Be a man like Tim." And that's something we wouldn't say about a lot of high-profile athletes.

Arthur B. Rubin, Carlsbad, Calif.

Thank you for what may have been the best issue of SI I've ever read. From the hopefulness of Tebow to the hopelessness of Nick Buoniconti, from the triumph of David Ortiz to the tragedy of what occurred in Cleveland in 1954, I cannot imagine any medium doing a better job of covering the entire human experience.

Ernest Rodriguez, Nashville

Thank you, Grant Wahl, for honoring the single worst moment of my entire sporting-fan life, the 2012 EPL title finish. In sports there has never been—nor will there ever be—anything as gripping and action-packed as the final five minutes of that incredible season. Even if they will stay with this Manchester United fan forever.

Mike Rice, Milpitas, Calif.


I made my son, a Warriors fan, and all his friends read Lee Jenkins's article on hustle. In an age dominated by highlights of threes and dunks and fancy dribbling, it was great to have a story showing kids that hard work and attention to detail are the real keys to sports (and life) success.

Geoff Kershner

Los Gatos, Calif.



I found Jack Dickey's article on the recent decline in the number of black MLB players to be way off base. The reasons he gives—the "stodgy culture" of baseball, the expensive equipment, fewer full college scholarships—have all existed for a long time. So it makes no sense to attribute a recent development to them.

Bob Beaudoin

Mendon, Mass.




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