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FOR JULY 3--10, 2017

I found this year's collection of Where are They Now? stories captivating, from the rebound of Allen Iverson to Steve Rushin's ode to the hot dog. (Wasn't that supposed to be the title for the A.I. piece?) But most delightful was reading the last line of L. Jon Wertheim's story (The After Party) on my 52nd birthday. Back to the driving range I go.

Samuel Liu, Princeton, N.J.

How could you picture a ketchup bottle in your story about hot dogs? To disgrace a fine article with any reference to that condiment is wrong.

James Braghini, Edmond, Okla.

Any hot dog vendor who doesn't carry ketchup won't be selling to me.

Greg Nelson, Duluth

I thoroughly enjoyed John Garrity's article on Justin Leonard. For a guy we never got to know as well as we knew his contemporaries, Leonard seems like someone I'd like to hang out with on the 19th hole.

Eric Beiter, Ridgewood, N.J.

I admit that I was one of the many who rooted for Eric Lindros to fail. For all the hardships he endured and all the good he has done since, I say, good on him—and shame on me.

Paul Shaheen, Chicago


I got a chuckle out of the comparison between Vince Young's flameout and Tiger Woods's. The latter established his greatness over a 10-year run, the likes of which we may never see again. Young had one good season.

Steven Pozolo

Shelby, Mich.



Wertheim persuasively summarized the ephemeral celebrity of MMA fighter Ronda Rousey and others, but he omitted the most important lesson readers could learn from her decline: Today's click bait proclaiming someone as "the world's most dominant athlete" is tomorrow's embarrassing journalistic hype.

David Machlowitz

Westfield, N.J.

Aside from Rousey, elite female athletes were nowhere to be found in this year's issue. I can't be the only one wondering, Where are our favorite female athletes of yesterday now?

David Anders

Mattawan, Mich.




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