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FOR JULY 17, 2017

In 44 years of track and field officiating, I have witnessed few moments as poignant as Gabriele Grunewald's valiant effort in her 1,500-meter heat at this year's national championship (Athlete Gets Cancer ...). Chemotherapy had robbed her of strength but not her spirit.

John F. Shirey, Sacramento

The Potomac Nationals, who gave away figurines of baseball players with removable elbow ligaments in honor of Tommy John Surgery Day (SCORECARD), should have paid more attention to anatomy. The statues displayed right arms, but of course Tommy John was a lefty.

Bradley R. Jardine, Phoenix

L. Jon Wertheim correctly points out that the NBA's off-season activities have become more exciting than the regular season and the playoffs, including the Finals (SCORECARD). He doesn't see a problem, but this is an unsustainable development. The league needs to become more competitive if it is going to remain viable.

Bill Francis, Pasadena

It's a shame that Jack Dickey would give Miko Grimes an additional platform for her to spew nonsense (Grimes Against Humanity). For years she has lied, used vulgarity against fans, and spouted racism and anti-Semitism. She adds nothing of value to any conversation.

James Valle, Willoughby, Ohio


While I have nothing against Sydney McLaughlin and MacKenzie Gore, the two wonderful young athletes on the cover, I think the space belonged to Grunewald. Her grit and fortitude in the face of her struggles is an example for all of us.

Ed McNiece

Worthington, Minn.



Gene Conley was not, as you assert, one of two people to win championships in more than one major team sport; he was one of three. Aside from Conley and Otto Graham, Del Rice was a catcher on the 1946 Cardinals and the '57 Braves as well as a forward on the '46 Rochester Royals (with Graham) in the National Basketball League.

Jack Mullen, Washington




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