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FOR AUG. 7, 2017

I opened this week's issue expecting extended coverage of Jordan Spieth's spellbinding British Open win. Instead I saw one page (SCORECARD). But who got 12 pages? An amateur golfer named Donald Trump (First Golfer). The page counts should have been reversed.

Dan Shenk, Goshen, Ind.

How ironic that in the same issue Charles P. Pierce questions the "moral calculus" of those who play football, given the evidence of its effects on the brain (POINT AFTER), SI featured a photograph of Jon (Bones) Jones, who won UFC 214 with "18 straight blows to the head" (LEADING OFF). It illustrates just how conflicted our notions of ethics in sports are.

Shawn C. Sorenson

Springfield, Ore.

I found Ben Reiter's article on Hideki Irabu compelling and timely (The Seeker), especially reading about how he "felt uncomfortable being in Japan, and he felt uncomfortable being in the United States." This is a familiar plight for immigrants, who suffer pain many of us are unaware of.

Kevin J. Cassidy, Bridgeport, Conn.

I am often reminded how small acts of kindness can have a significant impact on the lives of others. If only Irabu had been as fortunate as Astros outfielder George Springer (Love Springs Eternal), for whom a nameless classmate and then a rising star—Torii Hunter—made such a difference.

Erik Roskes, Baltimore


I'm afraid SI fell hook, line and sinker for Neymar's act, offering lots of praise and no honest criticism (Out of the Shadows). Neymar says he wants to make history with Paris Saint-Germain, but his behavior off the pitch, abandoning Barcelona, has made more history than he will make on it.

Ben McKee

Fruit Heights, Utah



When considering the Hall of Fame cases for players who had brilliant but short careers, it's no slight to Clinton Portis or Priest Holmes to say it is absurd to compare them with [2017 inductee] Terrell Davis, who was arguably the most dominant postseason rusher of all time. No other running back has accomplished what Davis did [averaging 142.5 yards per playoff game], and until one does, there is no sense fretting about setting a precedent in Canton.

David Shelley, Greeley, Colo.




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