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FOR AUG. 14--21, 2017

I enjoyed Joan Niesen's piece on the 13-week ultimate college football road trip. I just hope the food advice is better than the driving recommendations. Although the Pacific Coast Highway is indeed a beautiful drive, it has been closed south of Big Sur because of mudslides since early last winter and won't be open for at least another year.

Dean Simpson Jr., VISALIA, CALIF.

It's hogwash to imply that conferences, like the Big 12, should be judged purely on the number of players drafted. College football is much more than a minor league for the NFL. I'd always rather watch unstoppable Air Raid offenses than monster SEC linemen opening holes for an endless string of three-yard gains.

Charles Heller


It's good to see coaches investing the time to study better ways to tackle, but I hope they were not advocating aiming the top of your shoulder to the opponent's hip when they say to "track the near hip." That would increase the risk of neck injuries since it requires lowering the head and leaving it vulnerable.

Stephen LaSalle



After reading Andy Staples's lengthy story about the demise of the Big 12 in the College Football Preview, I found it funny to see SI rank five schools from the "troubled" conference in its Top 25.

Sherry Cross MOVILLE, IOWA

PAGE 116


Steve Rushin rocked it with his column on sports and song, even demonstrating a fairly impressive knowledge of classical music. As famed composer Sergei Rachmaninoff once said, "Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music."



In a letter clarifying the proper anatomy of the knee, the accompanying graphic inaccurately identified the two collateral ligaments. The diagram below is labeled correctly. SI regrets the error.

Posterior cruciate ligament

Medial collateral ligament

Lateral collateral ligament

Anterior cruciate ligament




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