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FOR SEPT. 4--11, 2017

Love him or hate him, Floyd Mayweather is now 50--0 (LEADING OFF), surpassing the great Rocky Marciano. That is truly remarkable, and it cements Mayweather's place as one of the greatest boxers to ever live.

Jeff Swanson, EVERETT, WASH.

Indeed, Michael Vick did his time and deserves a right to support his family, but Fox's hiring of him is about ratings, not redemption (SCORECARD). Vick is many things, but he's not a role model. And no one should be putting him in a position to be one.

Lisa Harrison


The Patriots actually think people are jealous of them (Haters Gonna Fluctuate)? No, it's New England's history of dishonesty, deception and lying—that is why they are so disliked. It's far from jealousy. There were great NFL teams before the Patriots, and there will be great teams after them.

Marc Nicols, DEER PARK, N.Y.

Crediting the Dodgers' Rich Hill as the first pitcher to lose a no-hitter on a walk-off homer is technically true (SCORECARD), but don't forget the events of May 26, 1959. Pirates pitcher Harvey Haddix took a perfect game against the Braves into the bottom of the 13th inning. He lost it on a fielding error, before Joe Adcock spoiled Haddix's no-hitter with a home run deep to right center. Adcock was, however, credited with only a double and an RBI because his teammate Hank Aaron made a baserunning mistake.

Larry Reilly, DOYLESTOWN, PA.


Thank you for another great NFL preview issue. I particularly appreciated and enjoyed Andy Benoit's in-depth scouting reports. Even though SI is renowned for its feature stories (and rightfully so), I found it refreshing to get such a healthy dose of X's and O's in preparation for the season.

Abe Scherzer




Bullrider Jess Lockwood's practice of yoga as a training tool seems like a contradiction, considering nonviolence is a fundamental precept of yoga. Bullriding and other rodeo events use brutal means—prods, spurs, bucking straps—to frighten and enrage captive animals. It seems more an exercise in unnecessary violence than a sport.

Stuart Luth





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