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FOR SEPT. 18, 2017

Charles P. Pierce's piece on Michael Bennett is the latest in a string of important writings you have published in the magazine and online regarding race relations. And while some readers may criticize you for mixing sports and social issues, I'm happy you have helped keep alive this important discussion.

Michael Weinberg NAPA, CALIF.

While I agree with Pierce that intentional police brutality and racism must end (SCORECARD), I also think he should have pointed out that in some cases these victims did not do what they were asked to do by uniformed officers. The promotion of police disrespect by many athletes (like Colin Kaepernick's socks with pigs dressed as cops) only exacerbates the tension.

Dave Pete, HORNELL, N.Y.

Often when discussing the unfair treatment of the student-athlete, as Dan Greene did in criticizing the college transfer rule, the NCAA is painted as the villain (SCORECARD). But the truth is the NCAA no longer runs college sports; TV networks do. And college sports are not about students and education anymore; they're about making money for TV, then feeding enough of it back to schools to make them compliant.

Dick Wolven, COROLLA, N.C.

I stopped when I saw the photographs of the baseball dolls made by Indians pitchers Carlos Carrasco and Trevor Bauer (LEADING OFF). It may have been the most intriguing, imaginative and hilarious thing I've ever seen in the magazine. As a lifelong Red Sox fan, I'm pained to say it, but Cookie and Bauer are my new favorite major leaguers. I can't stop laughing.

Jen Rottenberg, LOS ANGELES


I was excited to show my two daughters this week's issue featuring U.S. Open winner Sloane Stephens on the cover. But instead, I received a copy featuring Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt. Putting Stephens on the cover was a good move. I just wish it had been the only cover.

Eddie Becker




I hardly ever use the word sweet, but in the case of Steve Rushin's tribute to his wife, Rebecca Lobo, as she was inducted into the Naismith Hall of Fame, I will make an exception. I appreciated the little peek into her journey as a basketball pioneer and a mother. And as for Rushin's Larry Bird response: hysterical!

Rance Bishop





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