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Designs in 2018 celebrate yesteryear

Young drivers may be ready to rule the circuit next year—but they'll be chasing one another in throwback race cars. In unveiling its designs for 2018 (below), IndyCar introduced a universal body kit—featuring smaller front and rear wings and a sleeker profile, thanks to a lowered engine cover—inspired by the iconic cars from the 1990s. The tests have resulted in raves, particularly when it comes to drafting. "I have never been able to follow someone that close, not at the speeds we're turning in," tester Oriol Servia told That should create tighter packs and more thrilling chases, which is good news for fans. But the best news may be for owners: Converting cars won't be prohibitively expensive, and maintaining them is expected to be cheaper than it was this year. IndyCar hopes the reduced costs will attract new teams to join the series.