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FOR NOV. 13, 2017

Seeing the photograph of the gold paint exploding off a Notre Dame helmet (LEADING OFF), I was shocked. It looked so cheap. I cannot imagine this would have happened had the Irish continued their long and storied tradition of having student managers paint the helmets before each game, which they abandoned in 2011.


Joan Niesen's story on Wisconsin football made it seem as if the only players available and recruited by the Badgers from the state are white farm guys (Backyard Ball). The article overlooked key players that have come from urban areas—such as Melvin Gordon and Travis Beckum. It would have made an even better story if players in all parts of the state were included and credited.

Pamela Butler


Luke Winn hit a home run in his account of a masterly autograph forger. As a state's attorney for 30 years, I'd say sadly that it is typical to see talented people use their gifts to cheat their fellow man. With the ability to remember 100-plus signatures, Cliff Panezich, I would guess, could have succeeded at many legitimate tasks.

George B. Bertram, CAMPBELLSVILLE, KY.

Left out of Jonathan Jones's story of Panthers defensive end Julius Peppers was his basketball career at North Carolina from 1999 to 2001 (With Great Power ...). Although not a prolific scorer, Peppers was a lockdown defender and tenacious rebounder who shot 64.3% from the floor as a sophomore. Also overlooked? His leaked transcript helped spark the academic scandal at Chapel Hill.

Frank C. Holt, SNOW CAMP, N.C.


While I was happy that the Astros beat baseball's biggest spenders (the Dodgers), I was unhappy that for the second straight year, a team was ultimately rewarded for losing seasons and playing not to win.

Dan Langan




I get tired of hearing people use the word hero when an athlete wins a game. But in the case of Oksana Masters, the remarkable subject of Michael Rosenberg's column, that was precisely the word that came to mind. What a wonderful testament to her grit and determination in overcoming so many obstacles.

Michael Metzger





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