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'Tis the season to curl up on the couch and watch all your favorite holiday films. You know those annual debates about whether or not movies that take place at Christmastime are, ipso facto, Christmas movies? (Hello, Die Hard fans!) Well, we won't claim that Rocky is a Christmas movie, exactly, but this is still the best time of year to rewatch the iconic franchise—and the original Rocky through Rocky V are now available on SI TV.

From Rocky and Adrian's first date on Thanksgiving (to you—to him, it's just Thursday) through his fight with Apollo Creed on New Year's Day, the majority of the original film takes place during the holiday season. The sequels feature plenty of winter goodness too. In Rocky IV, of course, Balboa fights Ivan Drago on Christmas Day, while brother-in-law Paulie frets about whether he'll be able to watch the Rose Bowl from Soviet Russia. And don't blink during the opening montage in Rocky III or you'll miss the split-second shot of trainer Mickey dressed up as Santa Claus ... although Paulie's Santa impression in Rocky V is much more memorable. (For the record, it's "Ho, ho, ho!" Paulie, not, "Yo, yo, yo!")

So grab your baggiest robe and binge-watch the series. The Rocky movies might not technically be Christmas flicks, but they'll still get you into the holiday spirit. Die Hard can wait.


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