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Ever since reports broke long ago of a certain seven-day creation project, the week has been a basic structural support of human life and scheduling. The work week. The weekly planner. Shark Week. And of course, the weekly magazine.

But as 2017 turns to 2018, everyone knows that the weekly rhythm isn't as applicable as it once was. The media maelstrom is now measured in minutes, not days; we consume news and information in multisecond bursts on whatever screen happens to be in front of us. At the same time, it can be hard to keep up with more in-depth coverage—we now know it as #longform—that requires time and thought to fully ingest and appreciate.

Thanks to the best, most loyal audience anywhere in media, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED has been a weekly staple for more than 63 years, delivering the best sports journalism with near metronomic regularity. That will continue to be the case, but beginning next month the metronome clicks a little less often. Starting with our Jan. 15, 2018, issue, SI is moving to a biweekly schedule: 26 issues per year, plus the standalone Swimsuit Issue in February.

Why the change? For starters, this is what you want: We've heard from many subscribers that it's difficult to keep up with a weekly magazine, that you wouldn't mind more time to absorb each issue. But we're also sure that a biweekly publishing schedule is a classic less-is-more opportunity. Twelve magazines next year will be double issues, including franchise tentpoles such as our NFL, MLB, NBA and college football previews, Where Are They Now? in July, and Sportsperson of the Year in December. Keep an eye out, too, for newer themed issues devoted to food, fashion and the future of sports.

The remaining single issues will be bigger and better, with an average of 30% more pages of editorial content than our typical single issue now. And all 26 issues will be printed on heavier, brighter paper that will make SI's famous photography even more vivid and visceral. Every issue will look and feel like the premium reading experience you deserve—the kind of magazine that you'll need two weeks to enjoy.

Which brings us to something that won't change: our dedication to bringing you the best sports writing, photography, journalism and analysis—period. We're excited for 2018 and beyond. Excited to bring you a magazine that better meshes with how you read now. Excited that in addition to the magazine, we have more ways to reach and interact with you than ever before:, SI TV, our popular Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels. Excited that from instantaneous tweets to premium video to the best lean-back reading experience in sports, we can reach you at every point in your fan experience.

Most of all, we're excited to have you along as SPORTS ILLUSTRATED evolves and grows. Happy holidays, and best wishes for the new year. Thanks for your support, your loyalty, your commitment and your feedback. And most of all, thanks for reading.

SI 2018: Revamping our schedule—and creating a less-is-more opportunity.