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FOR DEC. 18, 2017 AND DEC. 25, 2017



Greg Bishop's story on the NFL's injury-plagued season was excellent, well-written and informative. It humanized the pain that these players endure for our entertainment and reminded me of why I continue to read SI—even if I may take issue with some of the views presented.

Joe Petrilli Monroe, N.C.

Kudos to talented illustrator Andrew DeGraff for his fabulous artwork (above), featured on the cover and opening spread of Bishop's story. As much as I enjoyed the article, it was the illustration that stayed with me, like a New Yorker cover.

Katy Curran Casey Houston


Thank you, Ana Marie Cox, for sharing your story and revealing the importance of family in times of difficulties. Finding a common bond with sports—in this case, TCU football—to assist with the healing process is just another example of the important role that sports plays in our lives.

Walter A. Shay Bushkill, Pa.


While reading your end-of-year collection of the important sports figures we lost, I was saddened to see no mention of the passing of college and NFL great Tommy Nobis. Mr. Falcon may have toiled for an expansion franchise stuck in football irrelevance, but he deserved to be remembered for his contributions on and off the field. He was a great football player, and an even greater humanitarian.

Andrea Laney Marietta, Ga.


If SI is cutting the number of issues per year in half beginning in 2018, I hope that means that the yearly subscription rate will be cut in half as well. If not then this is a not-so-well disguised doubling of the price.

Michael R. Sherwood Oakland


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