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FOR MARCH 12, 2018


Lee Jenkins's description of the Mavericks' effective use of Dwane Casey's defensive sets during the 2011 Finals was superb reporting. At the time, it seemed incredible that the underdog Mavs, totally outmanned by the Heat's Big 3, came away victorious. I am glad to see Casey (above, center), now the Raptors coach, get the respect he deserves for being the architect of such an effective game plan.

James M. Baker

Rocklin, Calif.


I have, until today, been opposed to paying college athletes beyond providing tuition waivers. But the FBI investigation aptly described by Charles P. Pierce, has forced me to realize that not only has the time come, but it is also long overdue. As a professor (now retired), I received full tuition waivers for my postgraduate degrees and stipends as a teaching assistant. This is standard practice in academia. So the solution is simple. Pay college athletes a similar stipend; they are earning it.

Christopher Kohler

Hertford, N.C.


As a 12-year-old girl, I was thrilled that you devoted so much space to women's basketball. It was very interesting to read about the rapid improvement of forwards in the women's game. My only contention would be that Napheesa Collier should have made SI's All-America Team. She is a huge part of UConn's success and a dominating forward who was not mentioned enough in this article.

Allie Turner

St. Louis

I was baffled by the fact that your women's All-America team, unlike the men's squad, didn't name a coach. If you needed a nominee, I'd suggest American University's Megan Gebbia. This year she steered the Eagles to a Patriot League championship and their first undefeated home season (13--0, 3--0 in the postseason) since the 1970s.

John M. Vorperian

White Plains, N.Y.


You scored an eight-ender with your caption tagline on the photo of John Shuster and the U.S. curling team ("It's not shuffleboard!"). As a level one curling instructor, I hear newbies often say curling is like shuffleboard or bowling. On the contrary, it's more like billiards for the bumps and takeouts, or like chess, for the strategy involved in placing your rocks.

Chris Allen Schwanz

Chili, Wis.

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