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SI: You had a long layoff last year because of a lat injury. Any anxiety this spring?

NS: No. I felt like I put my body in a pretty good situation this offseason in terms of mobility and doing the right things for gaining strength and explosiveness.

SI: Is there a fear that as hard as you throw, you're an injury risk?

NS: No, because my 100 [mph] is someone else's 100 if they usually throw 90 and lefthanded. If someone maxes out at 92, that's their 100%. My 100% just happens to be 101--102.

SI: Do you have a favorite career moment so far?

NS: [Winning] Game 3 of the [2015] World Series was pretty cool. Hitting two home runs in Dodger Stadium and throwing eight innings [in 2016] was awesome. I was on cloud nine that day.

SI: You had a cameo on Game of Thrones last year. Any more acting jobs coming?

NS: Nothing lined up, but The Rock gave me some love on Twitter, so maybe I can run into him.

SI: When you posted that GIF of him in his WWE days, were you expecting a response?

NS: No, because it wasn't directed toward him. But then he responded with something epic because he knew about the whole feud with Mr. Met.

SI: Where's that feud going? It's been heated.

NS: I don't know if it'll ever end. Probably not, because my fear of mascots will probably never go away.

SI: If you have one non--Game of Thrones TV show you could get a cameo role in, what would it be?

NS: Billions. It's awesome, and it takes place in New York, too. In Season 1 they went to this underground ancient bathhouse called Aire, and I was like, "I've been there before."

SI: Which pitcher has the one pitch you'd most like to add to your arsenal?

NS: Can I say nobody? I like all my stuff more than anyone else's. I guess Clayton Kershaw's curveball.

SI: I want your prediction for how Game of Thrones is going to end.

NS: Everybody dies.