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FOR APRIL 9, 2018


For a minute Michael Rosenberg almost persuaded me that it was 2008, not '18, and that Tiger would win the Masters or at least strongly contend. However, the proof is in the pudding—or rather, the putting. After Woods's performance at Augusta, it is apparent that he still has a long way to go.

Brett Mayman

St. Petersburg


We often hear about the humble hero who gains glory because of his patience and good attitude (e.g., Jeremy Lin, Wes Welker, José Bautista). So it was surprising to read Tommy Pham constantly call out people in the Cardinals' organization for his not getting a big league chance. It makes you wonder how many other talented farm players are being blocked by stars. I also wonder how high Pham's ceiling can be if his walk catches up with his talk.

Rusty Yancy

Baileyton, Ala.

As much as Pham should be lauded for all the time and effort he has invested in his baseball career, he should consider taking a few minutes to expand his vocabulary beyond s--- and f---.

Tom Murphy Rancho Santa Fe, Calif.


It's hard to generate much sympathy for free agents like Lance Lynn, Mike Moustakas and Todd Frazier—all of whom will earn more in one season than most people earn in their entire working lives. At least it's good to know that baseball players' negotiators have their eyes on the true prize: clubhouse chefs.

Jack Rode

Whitefield, N.H.


Kudos to Villanova's Donte DiVincenzo for his 31 points against Michigan, but his scoring total may be matched in many men's NCAA finals to come. On the other hand, Arike Ogunbowale's hitting two game-winning buzzer beaters in the women's Final Four for Notre Dame is a feat that will likely never be repeated in even my children's lifetimes.

Terrance Seymour

Flagstaff, Ariz.


An honest reckoning of the Fab Five 25 years later will tell you that none of them ever won a Big Ten title, an NCAA championship or an NBA ring (except for Juwan Howard, who rode the pine for the Heat late in his career). Their only real legacy is ushering in the era of look-at-me athletes who would rather show up on SportsCenter than win.

Scott Hanselman

Redondo Beach, Calif.

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