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SI: You've already been studying the AFC West's best pass rushers. What are some of the moves you've learned?

BC: The side scissors I get from Von Miller, and the long arm I get from Khalil Mack. I started studying them on film my sophomore year, and it made a huge difference.

SI: Your other signature move in college was snatching the towels opposing QBs had tucked in their pants. Would you dare try that in the NFL?

BC: Everyone is going to expect me to do that, so I might have to leave that in college and do something new. But then again, I might just keep on doing what I do.

SI: The lining of your suit on draft night had a galaxy print, and your Instagram handle is Astronaut. What's with the space love?

BC: It started with the rapper Future [he has a mixtape called "Astronaut Status"], and then my older brother, Brandon, a linebacker for the Lions, started calling us astronauts. Now it's become who we are.

SI: You returned for your senior year at N.C. State instead of coming out early for the draft. What would you tell other players facing that kind of choice?

BC: Don't talk to anybody who has something to gain from your decision. Talk to the people who don't want anything from you. And once you make the decision, be comfortable with it. Don't have any regrets. I took a risk, and it paid off. I knew I had more left in the tank, and I wanted to show everybody else that too.

SI: The Broncos didn't expect you to be available at No. 5. When you were, they scrapped any thoughts about trading down. How did that make you feel?

BC: It made me feel great because the organization really wanted me. But I'm not done now. I've got higher aspirations, and I'm ready to get to work.